Jump Tag

This game is a good physical warmup, and requires concentration to play effectively. It is also good for students to watch as an example of creating tension.

The rules often require being played multiple times to fully understand, but once it is understood, it is easy to play.

At its core, this is a game of tag, in which one person at a time is in, and if they make contact with another person, that person is ‘out’.

To play, students need to be assigned numbers from 1 up to the number of players. The game is played in turns, starting with turn one, and going up to the number of players in the game. Once the highest number turn is reached, the turn counter resets to 1.

Each turn, the person is ‘in’ whose number corresponds to the number of the turn. This means that every turn, the person who is ‘in’ will change.

At the start of each turn, the person who is in is expected to call out their number, and thus the number of the turn, in a clear, loud voice.

The only movement allowed during the game is a single, two-footed jump that can be made towards a person for the purpose of trying to ‘tag’ them, or away from other people. Players can also ‘fake’ a jump, provided that their feet do not leave the ground.

During a turn in which players are not in, they may also make a single jump move, but only if the person who is in first jumps. In the event that a player jumps when the person who is in has not jumped, or has ‘faked’ a jump, then all people who jumped during that turn are out.

If a player wants to get another player out by ‘tagging’ them, they must do so as a separate move (i.e. they cannot combine a jump with trying to tag someone, which often leads to flying, head-high strikes). The person being tagged may attempt to avoid contact, as long as their feet do not leave their position on the floor.
In this game, there are a number of ways to get ‘out’

1. Being ‘tagged’ by the person who is in
2. Jumping when it is not your turn, and the person who is in has not jumped.
3. Moving your feet from their positions other than to make a two footed jump in accordance with the rules (i.e. no ‘running jumps’ or staggers allowed – jumps must be clean take off and landing)

Source: Unknown